Case Studies

In this section, we would like to present some practical experiences of the cluster facilitation teams during the project.

Italian Case Study

Author: Universita Della Calabria/ Vincenzo Corvello
Summary: Case study of how EU FP7 project CADIC Italian partners Confindustria Vibo Valente, Metalsud and the University of Calabria supported the development of a a SME cluster bottom-up, with the SMEs finding and profiting from collaborative advantage. More details:

Greek Case Study

Author: London Multimedia Lab (LSE)/ Eirini Skouta
Summary: Case study of how EU FP7 project CADIC EU Greek transfer partner Bioenersis, using the CADIC methodology, developed a SME cluster in Samos bottom-up, finding and profiting from collaborative advantage. More details:
Bioenersis was founded in 2009 on Samos Island, Greece. Its business activities integrate:
Organising Events with local SMEs
Training & Development
Group Facilitation & Counselling
The company’s main goal is to find new ways of sustaining SMEs in remote areas and islands in order to regenerate the region and to provide a comprehensive set of services to sustain and promote Aegean small businesses.

Case Study automotive-bw


    alwert GmbH und Co. KG/ Kay Alwert
    Intangible Assets Consulting GmbH/ Manfred Bornemann
    RKW Baden Württemberg GmbH/ Albrecht Fridrich

Summary: This case study shows how the management of Intellectual Capital has been professionalized to the sustainable benefit of all stakeholders. As a prototype application, the cluster initiative automotive-bw is of particular interest, because it represents a country wide association of nine regional clusters in Baden Württemberg, one of the world‘s leading automotive regions. automotive-bw is dedicated to achieve the ambitious goal of innovating „energy efficient vehicles“ through the advanced networking of leading players across the country and thus contributes to global environmental protection as well as to securing the competitiveness of the local automotive industry.
For the full case study please see: Case Study automotive-bw.