The Fitness Check for CADIC Cluster Candidates is a very easy-and-quick to answer questionnaire which is aimed to provide a rough overview on the maturity level of the respective candidate organizations. This does not mean, however, that the issues it is intended to assess are less relevant.
Although it contains some strategic issues (esp. item 1), it is mainly intended to check whether the potential partner understands the implications –both organizational and personal – of becoming a cluster partner. Specifically, the emphasis is on its availability as well as on its conviction about the initiative and willingness to collaborate and potentially have to make some trade-offs for the benefit of the cluster.
Therefore this Check was not thought as a substitute of The Partner Assessment Grid, but rather as a complement since they give essentially different information.
Likewise The Partner Assessment Grid, it is highly advisable that others than the CM undergo this questionnaire.

Notes to Table 5.3.2:

The Questions are rather straightforward but take some time to reflect on each of the items and be honest about your true possibilities (e.g. time, other available resources, willingness and decision to undertake a cultural change, etc.) and capacity.
Put “1” or “0” depending on your answer being “Yes”/”No” respectively. Sum up your marks; a final score of ‘5 or less’ will seriously question the candidate as potential partner.
Notwithstanding, this is not a numerical exercise. Use the space of ‘Observations’ to make any remark you think will help you to take a balanced and right decision. Aspects of culture/beliefs/motivation are particularly significant.